"Pedal for Juice" Experience.

Through the use of high tech headsets, viewers are transported into another time and place as 3D images fill the full range of perspective and tracking technology moves in 360’ in lightning speed. The series will continue to address crises that threaten the livelihoods of vulnerable groups such as war, health epidemics and natural disasters, and every day global challenges such as climate change, pollution, and migration.

Eco-Greenergy is an environmental social enterprise founded in 2014. Our core businesses include Zero Grounds Coffee Campaign (ZGCC), eco products retail sales & customization and food waste recycling. From daily operation to product selection and design, being eco and user-friendly is our core value. Offering employment/ practicum opportunities to underprivileged talent is also our mission to serve. With the simple and sustainable solutions, customers can go green with us easily while enhancing an inclusive society! 

Green One team will display their own designed reusable straw “One Pair Straw” during the exhibition in order to promote the culture of reusable tableware. At the same time, the team will show the world’s first smart stick device with solar charging function, embedding green messages into the product.

Plant Right Now truly believes the value of organic produce is vital for a joyful, health and eco- friendly lifestyle. We are running the first Participatory Guarantee System (PGS) in Hong Kong, which lines up local organic farms and local communities. Being transparent and trust-worthy, we proudly offer a wide variety of local organic veggies and fruits, all in season and carefully selected.

Upcycle plastic bottles as self watering planters for herbs.

We have been adhering to the concept of "Changing Life by Technology” to develop and promote products, especially the possibility of using renewable energy. 

The goal in developing our solar products which aims to bring environmental protection concepts into the residence. 

We hope you will like and support our idea, and fulfil a long term carbon emission reduction target together with all Hong Kong citizens!

You can personalized an unique hanky according to your loved graphics and colours on our hanky made from unused fabric collected from Global Fashion Brands.

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