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Outstandng Yong Persons' Association Logo

The Outstanding Young Persons' Association was founded in 1977, its members are all awardees of "Ten Outstanding Young Persons (TOYP) Selection" organised by Junior Chamber International (JCI) Hong Kong over the years. Following their mission, they strive to serve the public and to build a bright future for our community.

Venue Partner:

Zero Carbon Building Logo

Developed by the CIC in collaboration with the HKSAR Government, ZCB is Hong Kong’s first zero carbon building managed by Zero Carbon Building, a charitable company established by the CIC. It aims to showcase the state-of-the-art eco-building design and smart technologies to the construction industry locally and internationally and to raise the community’s awareness of low carbon living and smart technologies. It serves as an innovative and experiential platform for the construction industry to share knowledge and expertise in zero / low carbon building design and technologies, and provides a leisure space with greenery for enjoyment of the public.

Strategic Partner:

CCA logo

Carbon Care Asia Limited (CCA) is a leading provider of consultancy services on corporate sustainability and carbon strategy, greenhouse gas reduction, climate competence, green finance and environmental, social and governance (ESG) reporting.


Recycling Partner:

Secure Information Disposal Services Limited (SSID) was set up in 2009 by several paper professionals with a vision to develop a cycle economy of papers. SSID originally specializes in offices’ confidential documents destruction but gradually expands into integrated waste management solutions for a broad spectrum of organizations. Today, we are serving thousands of customers in different industries including financial institution, legal and accounting professional firms, government, NGO and education institutions. We are also serving hundreds of listed companies helping them to meet compliance and supporting them in their ESG initiatives.

Eco-Tech Partner:

TRITECH Environment Technology Co. Ltd. established in 2010, formed with a great team of engineering specialists, TRITECH is an extraordinary professional provider of energy-saving products, and for carbon emission reduction resolutions.

Event Partner:

Tee Building. established in 2017, Tee Building Infinity Co, LTD is a team experienced in creative development, video production, online marketing, and event management.

Media Partner:


Agreenman. is an influencer platform with a mission to champion green living culture.  We support our clients by developing and executing creative marketing strategies, leveraging on our powerful social media network that connects multiple green platforms, influencers and green enthusiasts.   We connect both online and offline to amplify the impact of green services and products.  Through Agreenman, we aspire to set new trends for green living, and co-create sustainable economy.

Video Partner:



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